A programmatic approach to sustained evidence-based practice

JBI Database of Systematic Review and Implementation Reports
February 2019 – Volume 17 – Issue 2

A programmatic approach to sustained evidence-based practice
Wright, Kylie
JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 17(2):126-128, February 2019.
There is worldwide consensus supporting evidence-based practice (EBP) as a key element in the delivery of high quality, safe care and improving patient outcomes. Across healthcare, results from research diffuse slowly into clinical practice, and there is a consistent need to bridge this gap between research and practice.1 There are many challenges involved in closing the research-practice gap, also known as the evidence-practice gap or knowing-doing gap,2-4 and identifying the actions needed to ensure “evidence transfer” and that the best available care and treatment actually reach the patient. Evidence transfer is defined as a process that helps communicate or convey the results of research or evidence, or brings evidence to the forefront so the appropriate information gets into the hands of those who deliver healthcare.5 Frontline clinical nurse consultant (CNC) leaders at Liverpool Hospital have identified evidence transfer as a challenge to address to make a positive difference to patient care…