New Challenges and Unresolved Issues

Ethics & Human Research
Volume 41, Issue 1  January-February 2019

New Challenges and Unresolved Issues
The inaugural issue of Ethics & Human Research (E&HR) marks an exciting milestone in The Hastings Centers’ 40‐year history of publishing a journal that focuses on the ethical, regulatory, and policy issues related to research with humans. Like its predecessor, IRB: Ethics & Human Research, E&HR will publish conceptual and empirical analyses on a wide range of topics related to the human research enterprise.

The journal’s name change conveys to the global community of authors and readers that E&HR is not solely about issues related to institutional review boards (IRBs) in the United States. The title shift provides an opportunity to identify new ethical, policy, and regulatory challenges that rapid developments in science, medicine, and regulatory frameworks bring to the conduct and oversight of human subjects research in the United States and elsewhere. Along with publishing work that investigates new challenges, E&HR aims not only to draw attention to unresolved issues but also to broaden the scope of issues for investigation and analysis in the field of human research ethics. The pieces in this inaugural issue identify several new challenges and hint at some of the unresolved issues and broader topics that merit further attention.