SPECIAL ISSUE: Frontiers of Health Policy Research

Health Economics, Policy and Law 
Volume 14 – Special Issue 2 – April 2019

SPECIAL ISSUE: Frontiers of Health Policy Research
If the enhancement of human freedom is both the main object and the primary means to development (Sen, 1999), then good individual and population health are both ends and means to development and freedom in all countries, regardless of their current ranking on the Human Development Index or other indexes on wealth, prosperity and well-being…

This special issue on the ‘frontiers in health policy research’ focuses attention on three distinct areas of inquiry. One set of papers analyses efforts to improve the quality of care and increase the value of care that health systems purchase. A second set of articles focuses on issues of health behaviour and social determinants of health. Finally, the third set of articles presents differing views on how to predict the adequacy of supply of medical professionals. The range of these articles illustrates, not only the exciting breadth of health policy research, but the degree to which scholars within this field are addressing issues of high importance to policy makers around the world. We think it is fair to claim that all of the articles address issues that are on the ‘frontier’ of health policy in the sense that they attempt to provide answers to questions that policy makers around the world are currently grappling with…