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2019-07-19 China Daily from National Health Commission website
China starts latest trial of long-lasting HIV vaccine
An HIV vaccine being developed by Chinese scientists will be given to 160 volunteers in a second-phase clinical trial, a medical scientist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on July 15.
The candidate vaccine, DNA-rTV, relies on replication of the DNA of HIV to stimulate effective immunization, according to Shao Yiming, a chief HIV researcher at the center.
He said the vaccine, based on the one used to prevent smallpox, is the first such HIV vaccine to begin a second-phase clinical trial.
“With significant reduction of virulence, the vaccine will not cause infection in healthy receivers,” Shao said.
The vaccine under development does not contain the full human immunodeficiency virus. Rather, it contains DNA segments from HIV so it will not cause an infection…