An Investment Case to Guarantee the Rights of Adolescents

Journal of Adolescent Health
July 2019 Volume 65, Issue 1, Supplement, S1-S52


An Investment Case to Guarantee the Rights of Adolescents
Satvika Chalasani, Danielle Engel, Howard S. Friedman, Anneka Knutsson, Jacqueline Mahon, George Patton, Susan M. Sawyer
Published in issue: July 2019
Adolescence is a dynamic life phase with rapid physical growth and sexual development and acquisition of neurocognitive and socioemotional skills. It is in adolescence that the foundations for future health and well-being are laid; assets acquired across adolescence (such as health, social, and emotional well-being and education) have profound implications for lifelong health, well-being, life chances, and choices, as well as for a country’s social and economic development [1–3]. Given adolescents’ sensitivity to their environments, deliberate, well-targeted, and well-funded policies and programs designed to promote supportive, safe, learning environments can be particularly beneficial.