Data without borders

Lancet Digital Health
Aug 2019 Volume 1Number 4e148-e192


Data without borders
The Lancet Digital Health
…Many barriers to cross-sector data sharing have been identified by policy makers and others, including privacy concerns, restrictions on the export of patient data, and lack of access to advanced technology in limited-resource settings. Despite the challenges, there is growing evidence that cross-sector data sharing, if done carefully and transparently, will lead to improved health outcomes for populations. As such, although this could be a daunting task for governments, data sharing across sectors should be made a priority. Genuine, long-lasting government support is necessary, both in terms of political and financial commitment, if quick progress towards bridging population health and clinical medicine for better health care is to be achieved. A first step would be open communication between governments, academics, and private industries to develop unified platforms for sharing and analysis of diverse data.