Eradication goal splits malaria community

30 August 2019 Vol 365, Issue 6456


In Depth
Eradication goal splits malaria community
By Martin Enserink
Science30 Aug 2019 : 847-848 Restricted Access
A Lancet panel wants to end the disease by 2050. A WHO panel says that’s not realistic.
On 22 April, a World Health Organization (WHO) panel issued the executive summary of a report saying malaria eradication isn’t feasible for the foreseeable future, and that setting any concrete eradication deadline will undermine efforts to control the disease, as it did when WHO first resolved to end malaria in the 1950s. A second high-caliber group disagrees. On 9 September, the Lancet Commission on Malaria Eradication will publish a study recommending that the world set 2050 as the target for global eradication, several scientists tell Science. The debate is about more than just the usefulness of bold goals in global health; a focus on eradication can also skew researchers’ and funders’ priorities, some scientists say.