Ebola in the DRC one year later – Boiling the frog?

International Journal of Infectious Diseases
August 2019 Volume 85, p1-214


Ebola in the DRC one year later – Boiling the frog?
Susan McLellan, Mark G. Kortepeter, Nahid Bhadelia, Erica S. Shenoy, Lauren M. Sauer, Maria G. Frank, Theodore J. Cieslak
Published online: July 19, 2019
… In summary, security concerns in DRC provide a significant barrier to outbreak assistance; however, maintaining the current level of international engagement is likely to allow the outbreak to continue to spread within DRC, and eventually to neighboring and in turn distant countries. This will not be the last outbreak of Ebola in the DRC or elsewhere. It is to our benefit to seek ways to demonstrate this is not another case of “helicopter” intervention, but a long-term commitment for humanitarian aid and to bolster the health care system overall in DRC and develop sustainable response strategies that can be deployed to other communicable disease outbreaks in the future.
A deliberate, thoughtful scale-up of involvement in support of and in collaboration with partners on the ground, including the WHO and DRC government would ensure a seamless effort that is responsive to the communities’ and partners’ needs and help tip the scales. Such a demonstration would go a long way in winning the hearts and minds and cooperation of the local population who are there for the long term.