‘Bioethical Realism’: A Framework for Implementing Universal Research Ethics

Developing World Bioethics
Volume 19, Issue 3 Pages: 123-185 September 2019


‘Bioethical Realism’: A Framework for Implementing Universal Research Ethics
Implementation of existing ethical guidelines for international collaborative medical and health research is still largely controversial in sub‐Saharan Africa for two major reasons: One, they are seen as foreign and allegedly inconsistent with what has been described as an ‘African worldview’, hence, demand for their strict implementations reeks of ‘bioethical imperialism’. Two, they have other discernible inadequacies – lack of sufficient detail, apparent as well as real ambiguities, vagueness and contradictions. Similar charges exist(ed) in other non‐Western societies. Consequently, these guidelines have been correctly judged as an inadequate response to the complex and ever shifting dilemmas met by researchers and research regulators in the field. This paper proposes a framework for effective implementation of existing guidelines without much worry about bioethical imperialism and other inadequacies…
John Barugahare
Pages: 128-138
First Published: 06 August 2018