The Cellular Immune Response to Rabies Vaccination: A Systematic Review

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(Accessed 14 Sep 2019)


Open Access Review
The Cellular Immune Response to Rabies Vaccination: A Systematic Review
by Lisanne A. Overduin, Jacques J.M. van Dongen and Leonardus G. Visser
Vaccines 2019, 7(3), 110; – 11 Sep 2019
The effectiveness of rabies vaccines is conventionally determined by serological testing. In addition to this assessment of humoral immunity, cellular immunity could help assess effectiveness and protection through a broad range of parameters. Therefore, this study aimed to systematically review all literature on the kinetics and composition of the cellular immune response to rabies vaccination in humans. A total of 1360 studies were identified in an extensive literature search. Twenty studies were selected for inclusion. In a primary response, plasma cells are detectable from day 7 to day 14, peaking at day 10. Memory B-cells appear from day 10 up to at least day 28. After revaccination, natural killer (NK) cells are the first detectable cellular parameters. Further research is required to assess cellular parameters in relation to long-term (serological) immunity. This review was registered in the International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO) under registration number CRD42019134416.