CDC/ACIP [to 28 Sep 2019]

CDC/ACIP [to 28 Sep 2019]
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MMWR News Synopsis for Thursday, September 26, 2019
Progress Toward Poliovirus Containment Implementation — Worldwide, 2018–2019
Retaining eradicated polioviruses is a risk and responsibility. Countries around the world have committed to implementing and monitoring safeguards for the long-term containment of polioviruses once wild poliovirus is eradicated. It is imperative that this work be accelerated for type 2 poliovirus, which was declared eradicated in 2015.
Containment of eradicated polioviruses is critical to sustaining a polio-free world. Following the certification of eradication of each poliovirus type, remaining poliovirus stocks must be destroyed. However, some stocks will be needed and kept for vaccine manufacture and key research in a limited number of laboratories and facilities worldwide. Ensuring the safe and secure handling and storage (containment) of these viruses is essential to minimize risk of them being released into communities, where they could once again cause paralysis and death in susceptible populations. This report provides an update on global progress for the containment of the already-eradicated type 2 wild poliovirus, containment action that will be required for type 3 wild poliovirus for which declaration of eradication is anticipated, and containment implications for the continued use of live type 2 containing polio vaccine.