Measles transmission at an international airport — Taiwan, March–April 2018

International Journal of Infectious Diseases
September 2019 Volume 86, p1-212


Short Communications
Measles transmission at an international airport — Taiwan, March–April 2018
Hsin-I Huang, Ming-Chu Tai, Kun-Bin Wu, Wan-Chin Chen, Angela Song-En Huang, Wen-Yueh Cheng, Ming-Tsan Liu, Wan-Ting Huang
Published online: August 6, 2019
… This investigation serves as a reminder that an international airport can be a hotspot for measles transmission. International travelers, airline cabin crew, and airport employees are recommended to check their vaccination status and ensure that they are fully vaccinated against measles. Furthermore, it is recommended that airline and airport employers have an occupational health vaccination program in place to ensure appropriate pre-employment assessment of measles immunity and vaccination.