Drug Delivery Technology Development in Canada

Volume 11, Issue 10 (October 2019)


Open Access Editorial
Drug Delivery Technology Development in Canada
by Kishor M. Wasan and Ildiko Badea
Pharmaceutics 2019, 11(10), 541;
Canada has a long and rich history of ground-breaking research in drug delivery within academic institutions, pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology community. Drug delivery refers to approaches, formulations, technologies, and systems for transporting a pharmaceutical compound in the body as needed to safely achieve its desired therapeutic effect. It may involve rational site-targeting, or facilitating systemic pharmacokinetics; in any case, it is typically concerned with both quantity and duration of the presence of the drug in the body. Drug delivery is often approached through a drug’s chemical formulation, medical devices or drug-device combination products. Drug delivery is a concept heavily integrated with dosage form development and selection of route of administration; the latter sometimes even being considered part of the definition. Drug delivery technologies modify drug release profile, absorption, distribution and elimination for the benefit of improving product efficacy and safety, as well as patient convenience and adherence. Over the past 30 years, numerous Canadian-based biotechnology companies have been formed stemming from the inventions conceived and developed within academic institutions. Many have led to the development of important drug delivery products that have enhanced the landscape of drug therapy in the treatment of cancer to infectious diseases. This Special Issue serves to highlight the progress of drug delivery within Canada. We invited articles on all aspects of drug delivery sciences from pre-clinical formulation development to human clinical trials that bring to light the world-class research currently undertaken in Canada for this Special Issue