Improving Transparency in Decision Models: Current Issues and Potential Solutions

Volume 37, Issue 11, November 2019


Themed Issue : Improving Transparency in Decision Models
Improving Transparency in Decision Models: Current Issues and Potential Solutions
Paul Tappenden, J. Jaime Caro
Decision-analytic models have become an essential tool used to inform health technology assessments (HTAs). These models provide a mathematical framework to synthesize data from various sources to support predictions of the economic and health impact of new and existing health technologies. They tend to be complex and are rarely fully validated against external data; yet, use of their forecasts requires trust in their accuracy and lack of bias. Thus, decision makers and other stakeholders want to be able to review their structure, inputs, and assumptions fully, and this necessitates that these models be available and transparent enough to permit adequate review. While most would agree that model transparency is a highly desirable goal, the drive towards its achievement has led to concerns with the disincentives, potential loss of control, harmed intellectual property rights, and additional efforts demanded. In this special issue of PharmacoEconomics we have gathered an impressive and diverse collection of papers addressing many aspects of this important topic in our field…