Africa CDC [to 22 Feb 2020]

Africa CDC [to 22 Feb 2020]
Eighty experts participate in training on enhanced surveillance at points of entry
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA, 17 FEBRUARY 2020. Eighty participants from 18 African countries are participating in a training on enhanced surveillance at points of entry currently holding in Narobi, Kenya, for points of entry surveillance officers, national surveillance officers, airport authority officers, and representatives of airlines.   The training is organized by the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in…
Actions taken include training representatives of Member States in laboratory testing of coronavirus, infection prevention and control, risk communication, and surveillance. Africa CDC is also supporting countries to source for and obtain reagents needed to rapidly test for the virus.
This training is to strengthen capacity in the continent and ensure standardization of points of entry surveillance by the different countries so they can quickly detect and contain the outbreak while at its lowest magnitude in the continent…