Outbreak: Update on the ongoing Novel Coronavirus Global Epidemic (Issue 9, 17 March 2020)

Africa CDC [to 21 Mar 2020]
Outbreak: Update on the ongoing Novel Coronavirus Global Epidemic (Issue 9, 17 March 2020)
…As of 17 March 2020, 443 total COVID-19 cases have been reported in 30 African countries. A total of 10 deaths have been reported from four African countries.  Africa CDC is working with all affected countries and is mobilizing laboratory, surveillance, and other response support where requested…

Africa CDC Response: [Excerpt]
General activities
Africa CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center and its Incident Management System (IMS) for the COVID-19 outbreak on 27 January 2020. Africa CDC has developed its third Incident Action Plan that covers the period between 16 March to 15 April 2020.
The Africa Union Ministers of Health gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 22 February for an emergency COVID-19 meeting where they agreed upon a joint continental strategy and guidance for assessment, movement restrictions, and monitoring of people at risk for COVID-19, including people being repatriated from China.
Africa CDC is holding weekly updates with national public health institutes in Member States and has formed working groups for high priority areas of coronavirus control, including: surveillance; laboratory diagnosis; infection prevention and control; clinical care; and risk communication.
Three experts each have been deployed to Cameroon and Nigeria and to support COVID-19 outbreak response efforts.
Response simulation exercises (i.e., ‘table top’ exercises for high-level coordination) are being initiated, including an initial simulation conducted with a group of ~10 West African Countries in partnership with WAHO.
Africa CDC is working to procure emergency medical equipment stockpiles including diagnostics (over 6,000 test kits), PPE, thermal scanners and other critical equipment that can be used to rapidly equip countries in the event of rapid onset of cases.
Twenty-four volunteers have been recruited to support various response activities with more in-process of recruitment.
Africa CDC gave an orientation to the African Union Commission staff on the epidemiological situation, Africa CDC efforts, and the precautions that staff members should take to prevent themselves and others from getting infected by COVID-19. A social distancing police was issued by AUC to avoid big gatherings and meetings in the AUC facilities…