Media/Policy Watch

Media/Policy Watch
This watch section is intended to alert readers to substantive news, analysis and opinion from the general media and selected think tanks and similar organizations on vaccines, immunization, global public health and related themes. Media Watch is not intended to be exhaustive, but indicative of themes and issues CVEP is actively tracking. This section will grow from an initial base of newspapers, magazines and blog sources, and is segregated from Journal Watch above which scans the peer-reviewed journal ecology.
We acknowledge the Western/Northern bias in this initial selection of titles and invite suggestions for expanded coverage. We are conservative in our outlook in adding news sources which largely report on primary content we are already covering above. Many electronic media sources have tiered, fee-based subscription models for access. We will provide full-text where content is published without restriction, but most publications require registration and some subscription level.


The Atlantic
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
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The Economist
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
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Financial Times
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
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Editors’ Pick  
WHO Must Push For Lower Speed Limits To Ease Pressure On Virus-Impacted Hospitals, Urge Experts
Medics and other experts are calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend that national governments should lower speed limits on their roads as a means of reducing hospital admissions during the coronavirus outbreak.
By Carlton Reid Senior Contributor

Mar 27, 2020
AI Can Help Us Fight Infectious Diseases In A More Effective Way
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a sense of urgency to improve current approaches for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Fortunately, currently available AI and data science approaches can help us fight infectious diseases in a more effective way and improve human healthcare.
By Margaretta Colangelo Contributor


Foreign Affairs
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
Health   Mar 28, 2020 Snapshot
Ebola Should Have Immunized the United States to the Coronavirus
What Washington failed to learn from the National Security Council’s Ebola report.
Christopher Kirchhoff

China   Mar 27, 2020 Response
Past Pandemics Exposed China’s Weaknesses
From the bubonic plague at the end of the nineteenth century to HIV/AIDS in the 1990s to SARS in 2002–3, China’s ability to contain diseases has been crucial to…
Robert Peckham

China   Mar 24, 2020 Snapshot
The U.S. and China Could Cooperate to Defeat the Pandemic
U.S.-Chinese antagonism could make the coronavirus pandemic worse.
Yanzhong Huang


Foreign Policy
Accessed 28 Mar 2020 Accessed 28 Mar 2020
Amid Coronavirus Spread, Host Countries Ignore Refugee Health at Their Own Peril
Refugees are particularly vulnerable to a pandemic—which is why their needs must be taken into account.
Argument | March 27, 2020,
Sanjana Ravi


The Guardian
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
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New Yorker
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
The Evolution of a Coronavirus
SARS-CoV-2, which honed its viral genome for thousands of years, behaves like a monstrous mutant hybrid of all the coronaviruses that came before it.
March 27, 2020, By Carolyn Kormann


New York Times
Accessed 28 Mar 2020

UN Health Agency Settles In for Long Fight With Virus
The World Health Organization’s emergencies chief said Friday that widespread testing for the new coronavirus is crucial and countries should not be faulted for reporting higher numbers of cases.
By The Associated Press


Washington Post
Accessed 28 Mar 2020
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