United States aims to curb vaccination injury payouts

10 April 2020 Vol 368, Issue 6487


United States aims to curb vaccination injury payouts
By Meredith Wadman
Science10 Apr 2020 : 121-122 Restricted Access
Proposal would make it harder to get compensated for shoulder injuries after misplaced injections.
The Trump administration is quietly moving to reverse a rule that made it much easier for people who sustain serious shoulder injuries from improperly injected vaccines to win cash compensation from the federal government. Such claims have surged since 2017, when the Obama administration made it easier to win payouts for shoulder injuries. Some physicians support the proposal, arguing that it’s not vaccines but poor injection technique that causes these debilitating injuries. But vaccine injury lawyers and the vaccine injured are pushing back, noting that the 1986 law that established the $4 billion Vaccine Injury Compensation Program nowhere excludes injuries due to errors by those injecting vaccines.