Contact Tracing Apps: Extra Risks for Women and Marginalized Groups

Health and Human Rights
[Accessed 2 May 2020]


Contact Tracing Apps: Extra Risks for Women and Marginalized Groups
Sara L.M. Davis, 29 April 2020
…Groups that have historically experienced discrimination, stigma, and abuse may be exposed to greater risk of persecution as data on coronavirus transmission circulates and is discussed in the public sphere. Much of the public debate over digital contact tracing apps, rapidly unfolding in Europe, has so far focused on individual privacy, and on whether it can be protected with technical solutions.[1] These are important questions, but it sidesteps the harder problems linked to widespread stigma and blame. In some countries, states now impose criminal sanctions on transmission of the coronavirus, though UNAIDS warns, based on experience in the HIV epidemic, that criminal sanctions will undermine, not help the response.[2] Even anonymized data raises the risk of persecution once it circulates in a climate of fear and stigma…