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National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China
Chinese scientists publish COVID-19 vaccine animal experiment result

5% to 15% cured COVID-19 cases will test positive again
Initial data show that between 5 and 15 percent of cured COVID-19 patients in China will test positive again, highlighting the necessity for cured patients to continue isolation after leaving hospitals to minimize the risk of viral transmission, a senior expert guiding treatment of the disease said on May 7.
Under a program funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, scientists are researching the phenomenon unique to patients of the novel coronavirus in an attempt to answer questions such as why cured patients test positive again and whether measures are needed for such patients, Wang Guiqiang said at a news conference.
Such patients account for a small percentage of all COVID-19 patients released from hospitals-in some areas of China, less than 1 percent-but they may still be infectious and need to be isolated for close medical observation, said Wang, head of Peking University First Hospital’s infectious disease department and a member of an expert team organized by the National Health Commission for COVID-19 treatment…

China to join WHO collaboration initiative against COVID-19 pandemic