Regenerative medicine: challenges and opportunities

The Lancet
Jun 06, 2020 Volume 395 Number 10239 p1739-1812, e101


Regenerative medicine: challenges and opportunities
Giulio Cossu, Robin Fears, George Griffin, Volker ter Meulen
In 2018, the Lancet Commission on stem cells and regenerative medicine1 reported how, despite an exponential growth in experimental therapies, there had been limited clinical uptake. Regenerative medicine comprises various novel approaches such as cell and gene therapy that have produced life-saving therapies for a few genetic diseases affecting blood or skin. Enthusiasm about the broad potential of regenerative medicine led to a gap between expectations and the realities of translating technologies into clinical practice. The Lancet Commission called for rethinking to tackle the combination of problems residing in poor-quality science, unclear funding models, unrealistic hopes, and unscrupulous private clinics.1