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Think Tanks et al

Accessed 6 June 2020
Future Development
Developing countries can respond to COVID-19 in ways that are swift, at scale, and successful
Larry Cooley and Johannes F. Linn
Thursday, June 4, 2020

Center for Global Development [to 6 June 2020]
Accessed 6 June 2020
India’s COVID-19 Testing Capacity Must Grow by a Factor of 10: Here’s How That Can Happen
Diagnostic testing is at the center of the policy debate around COVID-19 interventions in India. As of June 1, 2020, India had conducted approximately 3.8 million tests since it began testing in February, but many experts have noted that testing capacity is still drastically insufficient for the needs of the population.

Chatham House [to 6 June 2020]
Expert Comment
Equity, Trust and Accountability Vital in Preventing Pandemics
2 June 2020
COVID-19 has highlighted the common systemic weaknesses that have hindered the pandemic response in many countries, regardless of wealth or location.
Dr Mishal Khan. One Health Consultant, Global Health Programme


Accessed 6 June 2020
Critical Questions
Strengthening Routine Immunizations and Responding to Covid-19
June 3, 2020 | By Katherine Bliss


Council on Foreign Relations
Accessed 6 June 2020
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Kaiser Family Foundation
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