WHO & Regional Offices [to 6 June 2020]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 6 June 2020]
4 June 2020 News release
WHO welcomes crucial new funding for vaccines
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3 June 2020 Departmental news
World Food Safety Day 2020: UN experts in Facebook live event on 5 June 2020

2 June 2020 Statement
Statement from Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme at the Yemen High-level Pledging Conference

1 June 2020 Departmental news
Basic Psychosocial Skills: A Guide for COVID-19 Responders



Weekly Epidemiological Record, 5 June 2020, vol. 95, 23/24 (pp. 257–264)
Fast-tracking WHO’s COVID-19 technical guidance to training for the frontline



WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
:: Polio eradication expertise backs Africa’s COVID-19 response 04 June 2020
Expertise in polio eradication that has put Africa on the verge of being certified free of wild poliovirus has been brought to the frontlines of COVID-19 fight. A network of responders from the World Health Organization (WHO) Polio Eradication Programme and partner organizations is providing critical resources and skills to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.
: New Ebola outbreak detected in northwest Democratic Republic of the Congo; WHO surge…
01 June 2020

WHO Region of the Americas PAHO
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WHO South-East Asia Region SEARO
:: India elected chair of WHO’s Executive Board 22 May 2020

WHO European Region EURO
:: WHO joins forces with 17 central European countries to step up tailored COVID-19 response 05-06-2020
:: World Food Safety Day: Unsafe food continues to affect millions in Europe during COVID-19 pandemic 05-06-2020
:: Protecting nature protects health – lessons for the future from COVID-19 05-06-2020
:: Transitioning towards ‘a new normal’ must be guided by public health principles, together with economic and societal considerations 03-06-2020

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
:: COVID-19: Keeping Morocco’s mothers and babies safe 1 June 2020

WHO Western Pacific Region
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