Officials gird for a war on vaccine misinformation

03 July 2020 Vol 369, Issue 6499


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Officials gird for a war on vaccine misinformation
By Warren Cornwall
Science03 Jul 2020 : 14-15 Full Access
As scientists rush to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus, experts warn that public health agencies need new strategies to persuade people to accept a vaccine. Antivaccine activists have helped stoke rising levels of “vaccine hesitancy” in the United States and elsewhere. Now, those groups are turning their attention to the coronavirus. Polls have found as few as half of Americans are committed to taking the coronavirus vaccine. Now, researchers who study health behavior are urging adoption of some of the tactics used by vaccine critics: telling compelling, personal stories; spreading messages quickly and creatively through social media; offering more individualized responses to the concerns of different groups; and recruiting volunteers to act as a pro-vaccine counterweight