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Think Tanks et al

Accessed 18 July 2020
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Center for Global Development [to 18 July 2020]
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Chatham House [to 18 July 2020]
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Webinar: Weekly COVID-19 Pandemic Briefing – Perspective from the Pharmaceutical Industry
22 July 2020
As countries grapple with how best to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the reverberations it is sending through their societies and economies, understanding of how the virus is behaving, and what measures might best combat it, continues…


Accessed 18 July 2020
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Online Event: A Conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci
July 24, 2020

Asia’s Covid-19 Lessons for The West: Public Goods, Privacy, and Social Tagging
July 16, 2020 | By Victor Cha


Council on Foreign Relations
Accessed 18 July 2020
Global Governance
The Politics of a COVID-19 Vaccine
Governments must prepare now to avoid “catastrophic success” once a Covid-19 vaccine emerges
…No vaccine can be expected to produce complete or lasting immunity in all who take it. Millions will refuse to get vaccinated. And there is the brute fact that there are nearly eight billion men, women, and children on the planet. Manufacturing eight billion doses (or multiples of that if more than one dose is needed) of one or more vaccines and distributing them around the globe could require years, not months….
by Richard N. Haass July 14, 2020


Kaiser Family Foundation
Accessed 18 July 2020
July 16, 2020 News Release
More Than 3 Million People Age 65 or Older Live with School-Age Children, and Could Be at Heightened Risk of COVID-19 Infection if Children Bring the Virus Home from School
About 3.3 million adults age 65 or older live in a household with school-age children, a factor that state and local officials may want to take into account when deciding when and how fully to re-open schools this fall, a new KFF analysis finds. These older adults, who represent roughly…