COVID-19: from a PHEIC to a public mental health crisis?

Lancet Public Health
Aug 2020 Volume 5 Number 8 e414-e459


COVID-19: from a PHEIC to a public mental health crisis?
The Lancet Public Health
… The COVID-19 pandemic presents a public mental health challenge. As Jonathan Campion and colleagues noted in The Lancet Psychiatry, it will be key for countries to prevent an increase in mental issues and a reduction in mental wellbeing across populations, as well as to provide appropriate public mental health interventions. Despite the existence of effective public mental health interventions, implementation is far from adequate. Public mental health interventions will need to be proportionately targeted to groups at a high risk of mental disorder and poor mental wellbeing. The unequal impacts of COVID-19, the lockdown, and its socioeconomics consequences are putting greater pressure on groups whose mental health was already more precarious before the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public mental health emergency that could exacerbate inequalities in mental health—unless concerted actions are urgently taken.