Value of a QALY for France: A New Approach to Propose Acceptable Reference Values

Value in Health
August 2020 Volume 23, Issue 8, p979-1118


Value of a QALY for France: A New Approach to Propose Acceptable Reference Values
Bertrand Téhard, Bruno Detournay, Isabelle Borget, Stéphane Roze, Gérard De Pouvourville
Published online: May 30, 2020
:: Cost-effectiveness thresholds are used in many countries to inform reimbursement and pricing decisions, although no such reference threshold has yet been proposed in France.
:: The value of statistical life (VSL) is an interesting metric for evaluating cost-effectiveness thresholds in healthcare because (1) it can be tailored for individual countries using local utility data, (2) it provides a unique measure to avoid inequity in access to healthcare between different therapeutic domains, and (3) it can be benchmarked against other social domains, where it is used to assess public policies and investments that affect mortality risk.
:: We propose VSL-based breakeven values for a QALY of €147 093 to €201 398, which could be used to qualify incremental cost-effectiveness ratios in health-economic assessment in France and to address whether a medical intervention at a requested price may or may not be efficient.