Africa CDC [to 29 Aug 2020]

Africa CDC [to 29 Aug 2020]
Saving lives, economies and livelihoods campaign launches in Africa
20 August 2020
… “Last two weeks, Africa passed one million cases of COVID-19. Noting that we do not have a vaccine yet, and recognizing the socioeconomic effects of the pandemic on Member States, we must continue to be proactive so that we do not lose the precious gains made with the preventive measures. I am therefore proud to announce the official launch of the African Union Africa Against COVID-19: Saving Lives, Economies, and Livelihoods as an effort to use innovative tools, methods and partnerships to prevent further transmission, deaths and socioeconomic harm on the continent as economies, borders and schools re-open,” said H.E. Amira Mohammed.
The Saving Lives, Economies and Livelihoods campaign will facilitate the development of a harmonized strategy to protect borders, travellers, economies, livelihoods, and schools in Africa from the risk of increased COVID-19 transmission as countries begin to re-open their borders…