CDC/ACIP [to 26 Sep 2020]

CDC/ACIP [to 26 Sep 2020]
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ACIP Meeting Registration – October 28-30, 2020
No Registration is required for the October ACIP Meeting.
The October 28-30, 2020 ACIP Meeting will be a virtual meeting with no in-person attendance.

Administration Announces $200 million from CDC to Jurisdictions for COVID-19 Vaccine Preparedness
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is announcing upcoming action by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide $200 million to jurisdictions for COVID-19 vaccine preparedness.
Funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) will provide critical infrastructure support to existing grantees through CDC’s immunization cooperative agreement. CDC is awarding $200 million to 64 jurisdictions through the existing Immunizations and Vaccines for Children cooperative agreement. These funds, along with the previous support CDC has provided, will help states prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine.
“By building on close partnerships with the states and other jurisdictions we have worked with for years on vaccination programs, we have the ability to begin distributing and administering safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they are authorized and available,” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar. “With these $200 million in new funds, jurisdictions can develop and update plans for the eventual distribution and administration of the safe and effective vaccines that will help bring this pandemic to an end. The federal government, including experts from CDC and the Department of Defense, is ready to assist where necessary.”…

MMWR News Synopsis Friday, September 25, 2020
Characteristics and Maternal and Birth Outcomes of Hospitalized Pregnant Women with Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 — COVID-NET, 13 States, March 1–August 22, 2020 (Early release September 16, 2020)

SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Hospitalized Pregnant Women: Reasons for Admission and Pregnancy Characteristics — Eight U.S. Health Care Centers, March 1–May 30, 2020 (Early release September 16, 2020)

COVID-19 Contact Tracing in Two Counties — North Carolina, June–July 2020 (Early release September 22, 2020)

Update: Characteristics of Health Care Personnel with COVID-19 — United States, February 12–July 16, 2020

Disparities in COVID-19 Incidence, Hospitalizations, and Testing, by Area-Level Deprivation — Utah, March 3–July 9, 2020