COVID vaccine confidence requires radical transparency

Volume 585 Issue 7826, 24 September 2020


Editorial | 29 September 2020
COVID vaccine confidence requires radical transparency
Public trust in a potential vaccine is under threat. Drug companies and their academic partners must disclose protocols and results data.
…History has shown that once public trust in vaccines has been compromised it is difficult to win back — and that distrust in one vaccine can fuel concerns about others. People wary of a COVID-19 vaccine might be less likely to get vaccinated against other ailments, fuelling the vaccine-hesitancy movement that has already led to dangerous resurgences of diseases such as measles that were once largely contained. The causes of vaccine hesitancy are complex. But delays and reluctance in communicating results, or outright secrecy, do not help. Researchers, publishers, regulators, policymakers — and especially pharmaceutical companies — need to accept this if we are to succeed in quickly disrupting the path of the pandemic.