A call to test new vaccines head to head, in monkeys

09 October 2020 Vol 370, Issue 6513


In Depth
A call to test new vaccines head to head, in monkeys
By Jon Cohen
Science09 Oct 2020 : 154-155
Proposed comparison study could clarify safety and which vaccines work best.
Primate researchers in the United States have banded together in a push for an ambitious monkey study that would do head-to-head comparisons of the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Although 10 candidates are already undergoing large-scale tests in people, proponents of the monkey plan say those clinical trials may not deliver the comprehensive data needed to choose the safest and most effective vaccines. The comparison trial in monkeys, in contrast, could shed light in a matter of weeks on how the candidates stack up on measures including potential side effects, the strength of immune responses they trigger, and how well they protect against infection and disease.