CDC/ACIP [to 7 Nov 2020]

CDC/ACIP [to 7 Nov 2020]
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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
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:: COVID-19 Science Update released: November 6, 2020 Friday, November 06, 2020
:: Vaccines Wednesday, November 04, 2020
:: Health Equity Monday, November 02, 2020

:: Operational Considerations for Immunization Services during COVID-19 in Non-US Settings Focusing on Low-Middle Income Countries Friday, November 06, 2020
Immunization services have been disrupted significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, threatening the achievements in the eradication and elimination of major vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) like polio and measles. More than 80 million children under the age of one are estimated to be affected by disruptions in routine immunization services in more than 68 countries and are at risk of polio, measles, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B, Hemophilus influenza type b, pneumococcus, and rotavirus infections 1. As of June 1, 2020, approximately 125 mass vaccination campaigns against polio, measles, meningitis A, yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, and tetanus had been postponed.
In many countries, immunization services have been disrupted as a result of:
:: Unavailability of healthcare workers as a result of their deployment to the COVID-19 response.
:: Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) to conduct immunization activities during COVID-19.
:: Healthcare workers’ fear about contracting COVID-19.
:: Lack of vaccines due to closure of country borders as a result of COVID-19.
:: Reduced demand for immunization services due to unwillingness or inability of parents to leave their homes due to fear of COVID-19.

The purpose of this document is to provide operational considerations for the implementation of immunization services during the COVID-19 pandemic in non-US settings. Its intended users are CDC country offices, immunization program managers, and staff from partner immunization programs. These considerations are meant to supplement—not replace—any local health and safety laws, rules, and regulations.
This document provides a summary of global guidance on immunization services during COVID-19 as of June 12, 2020. It complements and provides reference to more detailed technical guidance from the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative including the following:
:: Guiding principles for immunization activities during the COVID-19 pandemic: Interim guidancepdf iconexternal icon
:: Frequently Asked Questions: Immunization in the context of COVID-19 pandemicpdf iconexternal icon
:: Framework for decision-making: implementation of mass vaccination campaigns in the context of COVID-19: Interim guidanceexternal icon
:: Polio eradication programme continuity: implementation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemicpdf iconexternal icon

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