Programmatic assessment of electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN)

PLoS One


Programmatic assessment of electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN)
Vandana Gurnani, Prem Singh, Pradeep Haldar, Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal, Kiran Agrahari, Satabdi Kashyap, Shreeparna Ghosh, Mrinal Kar Mohapatra, Ruma Bhargava, Partha Nandi, Pritu Dhalaria
Research Article | published 05 Nov 2020 PLOS ONE
eVIN is a technology system that digitizes vaccine stocks through a smartphone application and builds the capacity of program managers and cold chain handlers to integrate technology in their regular work. To effectively manage the vaccine logistics, in 2015, this technology was rolled-out in 12 states of India. This study assessed the programmatic usefulness of eVIN implementation in the areas of vaccine utilization, vaccine stock and distribution management and documentation across selected cold chain points. A pre-post study design was used, where cold chain points (CCPs) were selected using two-stage sampling technique in eVIN states. Pre-post comparative analysis was carried out on the identified indicators using both primary and secondary data sources. The vaccine utilization data reflects that the utilization had reduced from 305.3 million doses in pre-eVIN period to 215.0 million doses in post-eVIN period across 12 eVIN states, resulting into savings of approximately 90 million doses of vaccines. Number of facilities having stock-out of any vaccine showed a significant reduction by 30.4% in post-eVIN period (p<0.001). There was a 4.0% drop in facilities reporting minimum stock of any vaccine after implementation of eVIN. Facilities with maximum stock of any vaccine had increased from 37.4% in pre-eVIN to 39.2% in post-eVIN. During the pre-eVIN period, only 38.6% facilities updated vaccine stock on a daily basis, while in post-eVIN period, 53.5% facilities updated vaccine stock on daily basis. The completeness of records in the vaccine stock registers, indent form and temperature logbook have been substantially improved in the post-eVIN period (p<0.001). eVIN had helped in streamlining the vaccine flow network and ensured equity through better vaccine management practices. It is a powerful contribution to strengthen the vaccine supply chain and management. Upscaling eVIN in the remaining states of India will be crucial in improving the efficacy of vaccines and cold chain management.