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Media/Policy Watch
This watch section is intended to alert readers to substantive news, analysis and opinion from the general media and selected think tanks and similar organizations on vaccines, immunization, global public health and related themes. Media Watch is not intended to be exhaustive, but indicative of themes and issues CVEP is actively tracking. This section will grow from an initial base of newspapers, magazines and blog sources, and is segregated from Journal Watch above which scans the peer-reviewed journal ecology.
We acknowledge the Western/Northern bias in this initial selection of titles and invite suggestions for expanded coverage. We are conservative in our outlook in adding news sources which largely report on primary content we are already covering above. Many electronic media sources have tiered, fee-based subscription models for access. We will provide full-text where content is published without restriction, but most publications require registration and some subscription level.


The Atlantic
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
How to Build Trust in the Vaccines
To succeed in immunizing the population against COVID-19, the United States must draw on the resources it already has.
12 Dec 2020
Brendan Nyhan, Professor of government at Dartmouth College

The Next Six Months Will Be Vaccine Purgatory
The period after a vaccine is approved will be strange and confusing, as certain groups of people get vaccinated but others have to wait.
Sarah Zhang is a staff writer at The Atlantic.
December 11th, 2020 December 11th, 2020

The Public-Health Value of Speaking Plainly
An interview with the infectious-disease expert and community health provider Lisa Fitzpatrick
December 10, 2020
Conor Friedersdorf, Staff writer at The Atlantic


Accessed 12 Dec 2020
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The Economist
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
Why is Europe so riddled with vaccine scepticism?
Anti-vaxxers could hinder the struggle against covid-19
Dec 12th 2020 edition

Coming soon
Europe prepares for its first batches of covid-19 vaccines
But supplies and uptake are both uncertain
Dec 12th 2020 edition


Financial Times
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
US-China relations
Beijing racks up the points in its great game against Washington
December 13, 2020

News in-depth
Coronavirus treatment
US states wrestle with what makes workers ‘essential’ in Covid jab rush
December 11, 2020


Accessed 12 Dec 2020
Breaking  |  
Pfizer Covid Vaccine Expected To Arrive In All 50 States By Monday
The vaccines are already being packaged, an official said.
By Nicholas Reimann Forbes Staff

Breaking  |  
Pfizer Covid Vaccine Expected To Arrive In All 50 States By Monday
The vaccines are already being packaged, an official said.
By Nicholas Reimann Forbes Staff

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Expected To Arrive In All 50 States By Monday
The vaccines are already being packaged, an official said.
By Nicholas Reimann Forbes Staff

Editors’ Pick  |  
Dec 11, 2020
AstraZeneca, Oxford To Create Combination Covid-19 Vaccine With Russia’s Sputnik V
Many officials worried about how fast Russia developed and approved the vaccine, launching it without completing the large-scale clinical trials needed to prove safety and efficacy.
By Robert Hart Forbes Staff


Foreign Affairs
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
Essay January/February 2021
Latin America’s Lost Decades
The region’s COVID-19 crisis is, above all, a crisis of inequality.
Luis Alberto Moreno
Audio available for this article

Comment January/February 2021
To Stop a Pandemic
The United States and other countries need to look beyond COVID-19 and focus on preparing for the next pandemic threat.
Jennifer Nuzzo


Foreign Policy
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
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The Guardian
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
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New Yorker
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
Daily Comment
What an F.D.A. Committee Weighed in Voting for the Pfizer COVID Vaccine
In the present circumstances, one could imagine a far more fraught F.D.A. hearing than the one that took place on Thursday.
By Amy Davidson Sorkin
December 11, 2020

Medical Dispatch
The Deadly Cost of America’s Pandemic Politics
Vaccines are on the way, but until they arrive tens of thousands of lives depend on the battle for public opinion.
By Dhruv Khullar
December 8, 2020


New York Times
Accessed 12 Dec 2020
C.D.C. Panel Recommends Pfizer Vaccine for Patients as Young as 16
The advisory panel of experts endorsed the vaccine and will soon issue specific guidance for pregnant and lactating women and for people who have had severe allergic reactions to other shots.
By Jan Hoffman
PRINT EDITION December 13, 2020

First U.S. Coronavirus Vaccines Set to Be Delivered Monday
Gen. Gustave F. Perna, chief officer of Operation Warp Speed, said boxes of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were being readied for shipment with an emphasis on quality control.
By Reuters

Deal Book
Should Companies Require Employees to Take the Vaccine?
It’s a debate that’s roiling boardrooms around the world.
By Andrew Ross Sorkin
Dec. 12

How the Vaccine Rollout Will Compare in Britain, Canada and the U.S.
Within days, all three countries could be giving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but they have varying strategies and challenges. The U.S. plan, working through the states, is the least centralized.
By Richard Pérez-Peña
PRINT EDITION December 13, 2020

Superspreading Boston biotech conference in February is linked to 1.9 percent of all U.S. cases.
By Amy Harmon
Dec. 11


Washington Post
As Germany awaits vaccine, mass vaccination centers are built in less than a week
Loveday Morris and Luisa Beck · Dec 12, 2020

Brazil govt releases pandemic vaccination plan with holes
·Dec 12, 2020

Morocco to use Chinese vaccine to kick off mass vaccinations
· Dec 8, 2020