18 December 2020 Vol 370, Issue 6523
Special Issue: 2020 Breakthrough of the Year

By Robert F. Service, Jocelyn Kaiser, Paul Voosen, Daniel Clery, Michael Price, Katie Langin, Jon Cohen, Robert F. Service, Elizabeth Pennisi


Science18 Dec 2020 : 1402-1407 Full Access
Science has named nine scientific advances as runners-up for the 2020 Breakthrough of the Year.
The runners-up for Science’s 2020 Breakthrough of the Year include the world’s first potential CRISPR-based cures for beta-thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, a tighter range for global warming forecasts, the discovery of the elusive source of fast radio bursts, avian intelligence, and an artificial intelligence program that has solved one of biology’s biggest challenges: predicting the precise 3D shape a string of amino acids will fold into as it becomes a working protein. Other advances include understanding how “elite controllers” keep HIV at bay; achieving, for the first time, room temperature superconductivity; standing up to support Black scientists; and finding the world’s oldest figurative art—a hunting scene deep inside an Indonesian cave.