WHO & Regional Offices [to 19 Dec 2020]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 19 Dec 2020]
18 December 2020 Departmental news
Meet the 100+ outstanding Nurses and Midwives

18 December 2020 Joint News Release
COVAX Announces additional deals to access promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates; plans global rollout starting Q1 2021

17 December 2020 Joint News Release
New PSA campaign from WHO and YouTube is a playbook for a safe holiday season

17 December 2020 Departmental news
WHO launches Baseline report for Decade of Healthy Ageing

17 December 2020 Departmental news
Launch of the Tripartite Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool

17 December 2020 Departmental news
Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool in the time of COVID-19

17 December 2020 Departmental news
A parasitic infection that can turn fatal with administration of corticosteroids

17 December 2020 Departmental news
New study highlights cost-effectiveness of bans on pesticides as a suicide prevention strategy

15 December 2020 Departmental news
Updated WHO Information Note: Ensuring continuity of TB services during the COVID-19 pandemic

15 December 2020 Departmental news
Monitoring childbirth in a new era for maternal health

15 December 2020 Departmental news
Neglected tropical diseases: WHO and Sanofi renew decades-long collaboration to sustain elimination efforts

14 December 2020 Departmental news
Available for review: Chemical background documents for the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality

14 December 2020 News release
World’s largest youth organizations, representing 250 million members, and WHO launch global mobilization to respond to disruptive impacts of COVID-19 on young people



Weekly Epidemiological Record, 18 December 2020, vol. 95, 51-52 (pp. 641–652)
Index of countries/areas
Index, Volume 95, 2020, Nos. 1–52
Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards: 10th Ebola outbreak in Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu provinces, Democratic Republic of the Congo – A technical review



WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
:: Responding to a yellow fever outbreak in Nigeria amidst a global pandemic
14 December 2020 In early November 2020, positive samples for yellow fever were reported from five Nigerian states. Nigeria is a high-risk country for yellow fever and is a priority country for the global eliminate yellow fever epidemics (EYE) strategy. The re-emergence of the virus there in September 2017 has been marked by outbreaks throughout the country.

WHO Region of the Americas PAHO
No new digest content identified

WHO South-East Asia Region SEARO
:: 18 December 2020 News release
WHO and EU join together to support COVID-19 response and systems strengthening in Asia

WHO European Region EURO
:: International Migrants Day 2020 – Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge meets a migrant health-care worker, “expert by experience” 18-12-2020
:: The holiday season amid COVID-19 and a growing mental health crisis in Europe 18-12-2020
:: Establishing the Pan-European Transformational Leadership Academy 18-12-2020
:: Turning the tide: Slovenia’s success story of fighting cervical cancer 17-12-2020
:: WHO analytical tool helps Ukraine monitor how regions respond to COVID-19 17-12-2020
:: Minimizing the COVID-19 risk: advice to individuals, communities and governments for the winter holidays 16-12-2020
:: New data reveals significant gaps in influenza immunization of those who need it most in Europe 15-12-2020
:: WHO hubs pool resources in the European Region to boost COVID-19 response 14-12-2020

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO::
:: WHO hands over essential health commodities to the Ministry of Health to contain COVID-19 in Iraq
16 December 2020
:: A new WHO-KSRelief partnership to support the delivery of essential health services in Yemen
14 December 2020
:: Somalia, United Nations renew promise to deliver health for all 12 December 2020

WHO Western Pacific Region
:: 18 December 2020 | News release
WHO and EU join together to support COVID-19 response and systems strengthening in Asia
This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU) agreed to join forces to support eight South East Asian countries in their response to COVID-19 and to strengthen preparedness for future pandemics.
:: 17 December 2020 | News release
From containment to suppression: WHO and Lancet COVID-19 Commission highlight lessons from the Western Pacific Region
Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Dr Takeshi Kasai and expert panellists across Asia and the Pacific explored lessons from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) suppression at a forum jointly hosted today by the Lancet COVID-19 Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO).
:: 17 December 2020 | Statement
Virtual press conference on COVID-19 in the Western Pacific
As 2020 comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting on the response to COVID-19. In particular, how countries and areas in this Region have managed to keep numbers comparatively low, lessons that can help in the year to come, and what each of us needs to do to minimize the illness, death and disruption that this virus can cause going forward.