Implementation research in LMICs—evolution through innovation

Health Policy and Planning
Volume 35, Issue Supplement_2, November 2020


Innovations in Implementation Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Implementation research in LMICs—evolution through innovation
Kabir Sheikh, James Hargreaves, Mishal Khan, Sandra Mounier-Jack
Major global health gains can be achieved by strengthening the delivery of public health policies and programmes in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The population impact of evidence-based technologies and interventions such as drugs, vaccines and health know-how can only be maximized where programmes optimally identify and reach target populations and support them to take up and sustain their effective use. Examples include significant gaps in the coverage and quality of maternal health, newborn, immunization, non-communicable disease, primary care and adolescent sexual and reproductive health services—all issues tackled in this supplement. While structural change…