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Media/Policy Watch
This watch section is intended to alert readers to substantive news, analysis and opinion from the general media and selected think tanks and similar organizations on vaccines, immunization, global public health and related themes. Media Watch is not intended to be exhaustive, but indicative of themes and issues CVEP is actively tracking. This section will grow from an initial base of newspapers, magazines and blog sources, and is segregated from Journal Watch above which scans the peer-reviewed journal ecology.
We acknowledge the Western/Northern bias in this initial selection of titles and invite suggestions for expanded coverage. We are conservative in our outlook in adding news sources which largely report on primary content we are already covering above. Many electronic media sources have tiered, fee-based subscription models for access. We will provide full-text where content is published without restriction, but most publications require registration and some subscription level.


The Atlantic
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
Anti-vaxxers Think This Is Their Moment
Society’s well-being depends on how well public-health officials and average internet users combat misinformation.
December 20, 2020
Renée DiResta
Technical research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory


Accessed 26 Dec 2020
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The Economist
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
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Financial Times
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
Hong Kong
Hong Kong faces public scepticism over mainland Chinese jabs
December 27, 2020
Hong Kong’s preparations for a coronavirus vaccine have become the latest battleground between its government and part of the public sceptical about Beijing’s rising influence in the city. A year after Hong Kong experienced its worst anti-government protests in more than two decades, the administration of Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam is facing a struggle to convince citizens it will not force them to take vaccines developed in mainland China. “The political situation in Hong Kong is very sensitive so the Hong Kong government is trying to play this very carefully,” said Ronny Tong, a top adviser to Ms Lam, in an interview with the Financial Times.

The FT View
The editorial board
Triumph of science is cause for festive cheer
December 24, 2020

Coronavirus treatment
UK vaccine lottery ‘overlooks’ vulnerable minorities
Emphasis on over-80s leads to concerns about fairness and efficiency of programme
December 24, 2020
Bottom of Form


Accessed 26 Dec 2020
Dec 26, 2020
Hawaii Begins Public Debate Over Whether To Allow Vaccinated Travelers To Skip Quarantine
How will the vaccine be implemented into the travel industry? Hawaii has started to talk about it.
By Will McGough Contributor

Dec 24, 2020
The Vaccination Rollout Will Only Work If It’s Driven By Technology
Verifying who is vaccinated and who is not should mean creating apps, secure and reliable databases, scannable codes, authenticated and unbreakable record keeping, and above all, communication between different systems at different levels and across different countries.
By Enrique Dans Senior Contributor

Dec 23, 2020
Singapore Airlines Launches Digital Verification Of COVID-19 Testing And Vaccination
New COVID-19 vaccines reaching the market are shaping the way in which travelers will soon take to the skies.
By Grant Martin Contributor

Dec 22, 2020
DeSantis Will Not Prioritize Florida’s Essential Workers For Covid Vaccine, Breaking With CDC Panel Guidance
DeSantis has not followed many federal guidelines.
By Nicholas ReimannF orbes Staff


Foreign Affairs
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
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Foreign Policy
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
The Vaccine Has a Serious Side Effect—A Positive One
It could make 2021 the year Americans rediscover science.
Jonathan Tepperman

Morning Brief
WTO Meeting Pits Rich Against Poor In Fight For Vaccines
Poorer countries say intellectual property laws are exacerbating the pandemic, but wealthy countries won’t budge.
Colm Quinn


The Guardian
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
[No new, unique, relevant content]


New Yorker
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
Medical Dispatch
As the Vaccine Arrives, Death and Denial Rage in a California Coronavirus Epicenter
In the San Joaquin Valley, medical professionals fear that many in the public still fail to grasp the dangers of COVID-19.
By James Ross Gardner
December 22, 2020

Letter from the U.K.
The Immense Relief of Health-Care Workers Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine
Amid a surge, doctors and nurses on the front lines have begun getting “the jab.” A surgeon said, “You just had a sense that, actually, here was the light at the end of the tunnel.”
By Anna Russell
December 21, 2020


New York Times
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
Dec 26 Europe
3 European Countries Begin Coronavirus Vaccinations Early
Germany, Hungary and Slovakia began administering the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on Saturday, one day ahead of the European Union’s official rollout.
By Reuters

Early Vaccine Doubters Now Show a Willingness to Roll Up Their Sleeves
Polls show that pervasive skepticism is melting, partly because of the high efficacy rates in trials and the images of real people getting the shot.
By Jan Hoffman
PRINT EDITION Early Doubters On Inoculation Roll Up Sleeves|December 27, 2020, Page A1

Turkey and Brazil Say Chinese Vaccine Effective, With Sparse Supporting Data
The clinical trial in Turkey was much smaller than those of other major vaccine candidates, making the researchers’ claims for it less certain.
By Carl Zimmer and Ernesto Londoño
PRINT EDITION December 26, 2020

One Vaccine Side Effect: Global Economic Inequality
As Covid inoculations begin, the economic downturn stands to be reversed, but developing countries are at risk of being left behind.
By Peter S. Goodman
PRINT EDITION Poorer Nations At Back of Line For the Vaccine| December 26, 2020, Page A1

Mexico Begins Vaccinations Amid Virus Surge
Mexico is the first country in Latin America, a region hard hit by the coronavirus, to begin delivering vaccines. A head nurse at a Mexico City hospital was the first to get a shot.
By Oscar Lopez
Dec. 24

Some Said the Vaccine Rollout Would Be a ‘Nightmare.’ They Were Right.
There are already signs that distribution will be messy, confusing and chaotic.
By Elisabeth Rosenthal
Dec. 23


Washington Post
Accessed 26 Dec 2020
How Vaccine Nationalism Could Extend the Pandemic’s Run
By James Paton | Bloomberg
Dec 26, 2020

Pope on COVID-19 vaccine: Needy, vulnerable must come first
Dec 25, 2020

Vaccine opponents outline online campaigns to sow distrust in coronavirus vaccine
The pandemic has catalyzed anti-vaccine advocates with huge social media followings, new report finds
Elizabeth Dwoskin · Technology · Dec 23, 2020