Think Tanks et al

Think Tanks et al

Accessed 30 Jan 2021
Building robust and ethical vaccination verification systems
Baobao Zhang, Laurin Weissinger, Johannes Himmelreich, Nina McMurry, Tiffany Li, Naomi Schinerman, and Sarah Kreps
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Center for Global Development [to 30 Jan 2021]
How to Make COVID-19 Vaccination a Success? Policy Priorities and Implementation from Israel and Around the World
Event 1/26/21
This panel of renowned experts will discuss policy options and strategies for expedited mass vaccination, the extent the current lockdowns support these strategies while impacting the economy, and what constitutes real success – and ultimately victory – over the virus around the globe.
Chatham House [to 30 Jan 2021]
Accessed 30 Jan 2021
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Accessed 30 Jan 2021
Online Event: Trusting a COVID-19 Vaccine: The Role of the Media and Misinformation
January 29, 2021

On Demand Event
Online Event: The State of Immunization Under Covid-19
January 29, 2021

Vaccine Diplomacy Is Biden’s First Test in Southeast Asia
January 28, 2021 | By Gregory B. Poling, Simon Tran Hudes


Council on Foreign Relations
Accessed 30 Jan 2021
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Kaiser Family Foundation
Accessed 30 Jan 2021
January 27, 2021 News Release
Vaccine Monitor: Nearly Half of the Public Wants to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine as Soon as They Can or Has Already Been Vaccinated, Up across Racial and Ethnic Groups Since December
Most Convincing Messages to Promote Vaccination Highlight Effectiveness at Preventing Illness and a Return to Normal Life; Hearing about Rare Allergic Reactions and Side Effects May Discourage Some New KFF Dashboard Features Key Data and Insights from the Vaccine Monitor With millions of Americans getting their first COVID-19 vaccinations, the…

World Economic Forum [to 30 Jan 2021]
Cooperation Vital to Uphold as Pandemic Challenges Continue
News 29 Jan 2021