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G7 backs Gavi’s COVAX Advance Market Commitment to boost COVID-19 vaccines in world’s poorest countries
:: Today G7 leaders announced a doubling of funding for Gavi COVAX AMC to support lower-income economies obtain life-saving vaccines against COVID-19, ensuring greater equity in fighting to end the acute phase of the pandemic.
:: New funding from the European Union, Germany and the United States will allow COVAX, the international COVID-19 vaccine mechanism, to secure more doses and further diversify its vaccine portfolio, advancing its goal to roll out at least 1.3 billion vaccine doses in world’s poorest economies in the next few months.
:: This comes alongside a number of recent pledges, including a pledge announced today by Ireland.
:: The announcement also includes securing doses for COVAX to support vital humanitarian work in places where populations face emergencies.
:: In addition, the UK and France announced commitments to share vaccine doses with lower-income economies, joining a number of other countries expressing the same goal, to further accelerate a coordinated international response and help put an end to the pandemic globally.

Geneva, 19 February 2021 – The virtual G7 Early Leaders’ Summit event saw the announcement of major new funding, including new pledges of EUR 980 million from Germany and EUR 500 million from the European Union, and an allocation of US$ 2 billion in funding by the United States for 2021, with an additional US$ 2 billion planned over 2021-2022. A number of other recent pledges bring funds raised for Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (Gavi COVAX AMC), the funding mechanism to finance doses of COVID-19 vaccines for 92 lower-income economies within the COVAX Facility, to a total of US$ 6.3 billion. In addition, the United Kingdom announced it would be sharing surplus doses with COVAX, providing an additional source of vaccines for the world…


German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced an additional EUR 980 million contribution to COVAX at the virtual G7 Early Leaders’ Summit. This unprecedented commitment by Germany is the country’s largest single pledge to support global health security. It comes alongside a broader German commitment to support the international effort to end COVID-19, with a significant additional funding pledge to the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator. Alongside support for the Gavi COVAX AMC, new German funding will also support reinforcement of diagnostics, therapeutics and health systems to combat COVID-19 around the world – because no-one is safe until everyone is safe…


At the G7 virtual leaders’ meeting, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen announced an additional EUR 500 million pledge to the Gavi COVAX AMC, which includes EUR 300 million in grant funding from the European Commission and EUR 200 million in guarantees through the European Investment Bank (EIB). This is in addition to EUR 100 million already pledged by the European Commission and EUR 400 million in guarantees from the EIB in December 2020. This brings the Commission’s financial support to COVAX to EUR 1 billion as part of Team Europe’s considerable support to the COVAX AMC…


Using funds appropriated by a bipartisan Congressional vote in December 2020, the United States will provide an initial US$ 2 billion contribution to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance for the COVAX Advance Market Commitment, the innovative financing instrument of the COVAX Facility, which supports access to safe and effective vaccines for 92 low- and middle-income economies. The United States will also take a leadership role in galvanizing further global contributions to COVAX by releasing an additional US$ 2 billion through 2021 and 2022. In close cooperation with Gavi, this additional $2 billion in funding will serve to expand COVAX’s reach…


Ireland also announced EUR 4 million in funding for COVAX today. Irish Minister of State for Overseas Development Aid and Diaspora Colm Brophy TD added: “Ireland is delighted to allocate €4 million to the COVAX Facility, part of at least €50 million in Irish Aid support to global public health this year.  This will support developing countries, who most need vaccines and can least afford them, secure their share of global supply.”..


These new announcements come on top of other recent pledges to Gavi’s COVAX AMC from a number of governments. These include additional pledges from Japan (US$ 70m), the Netherlands (EUR 25m) and Sweden (SEK100m) and new commitments from the Austrian Development Cooperation (EUR 2.4m), Belgium (EUR 4m), Iceland (ISK250m) and Luxembourg (EUR 1m).

The Thistledown Foundation, a private charitable foundation established in late 2019 by Tobias Lütke and Fiona McKean, has also pledged CAD 5 million to Gavi’s COVAX AMC to ensure equitable access of COVID-19 vaccines.


The UK Government has announced that the UK will share the majority of any future surplus coronavirus vaccines from its supply with the COVAX procurement pool to support developing countries, in addition to the UK’s £548 million existing funding for the COVAX AMC. This commitment allows the COVAX Facility to access an additional source of doses for participating economies.

This comes alongside a call by French President Emmanuel Macron for higher-income countries to reserve a percentage of their vaccine doses for lower-income economies. Gavi welcomes this renewed momentum created by President Macron, as dose sharing by countries in a position to do so can potentially add significant volumes of vaccines to the global effort to ending the acute phase of the pandemic. In addition to France and Norway as part of Team Europe, Canada has made a similar commitment.



Gavi signs memorandum of understanding with Novavax on behalf of COVAX Facility
:: The signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Gavi and Novavax is to make a cumulative volume of 1.1 billion doses of the Novavax vaccine candidate available to the COVAX Facility
:: This cumulative volume of doses will be provided to COVAX based on terms defined in the final advance purchase agreement with Novavax, once signed, and via an existing agreement with the Serum Institute of India (SII)
:: Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi: “This agreement helps the COVAX Facility close in on the goal of delivering two billion doses in 2021 and increases the range of vaccines available to us as we build a portfolio suitable for all settings and contexts.”

Geneva, 18 February 2021 – Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced today that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Novavax that, combined with a separate existing agreement with Serum Institute of India (SII), will provide a total of 1.1 billion doses of the company’s NVX-CoV2373 COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the COVAX Facility. The MoU lays the foundation for agreement on final terms via an advance purchase agreement and is a critical step toward making sure doses of the vaccine, if approved and licensed, will be made available to all countries and economies participating in the COVAX Facility…



COVAX Statement on WHO Emergency Use Listing for AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine
Geneva / New York / Oslo – 16 February 2021 – The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as co-leads of the COVAX initiative for equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines, alongside key delivery partner UNICEF, are pleased to welcome the news that two versions of the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 vaccine have been given WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL). Yesterday’s announcement means that two versions of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, produced by AstraZeneca-SK Bioscience (AZ-SKBio) and the Serum Institute of India (AZ-SII), are now available for global rollout through the COVAX Facility.

Building on the early information provided in the interim distribution forecast published on 3 February 2021, COVAX will now complete the process of final Q1/Q2 allocations of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine to Facility participants. Information on these final allocations will be communicated to all participants and published online the week of February 22nd.

In order for doses to be delivered via this first allocation round, several critical pieces must be in place:
:: All Facility participants must have given national regulatory authorisation for the vaccines in question, a process which can be expedited by issuing special authorisations for use based on granting of WHO EUL.
:: All Facility participants must have signed indemnity agreements with the manufacturers in question in order to receive doses through COVAX. The COVAX Facility is helping to facilitate the process of getting these agreements in place. In particular, COVAX is supporting AMC-eligible participants by negotiating a template indemnity agreement on their behalf – saving time and resources – and establishing a no-fault compensation mechanism and fund.
:: AMC-eligible economies must have submitted National Deployment and Vaccination Plans (NDVPs) through the COVID-19 Partners Platform, that have then been reviewed and validated by COVAX…