Do we care about who cares?

The Lancet
Mar 06, 2021 Volume 397 Number 10277 p853-940


Do we care about who cares?
The Lancet
… As countries look to post-COVID-19 recovery, there is an urgent need for institutions and governments to redesign economies more equitably. They should be based on feminist, intersectional, and anti-racist principles that generate understanding of the inextricable link between, and need for social systems of, child care, value, and pay for domestic labour. Several pandemic recovery plans that espouse those principles have emerged. Recovery from the pandemic also calls us to think about the importance of investing in health and social care more generally, which will have the effect of freeing up the time of women who are the main producers of the unpaid care and unpaid caregiving by alleviating the burden of non-communicable disease and other long-term conditions and disabilities.
COVID-19 has harmed the health and economic security of women worldwide. But the pandemic has also made the invisible contribution of women to health care much more apparent and provided important momentum to advocate for its measurement, recognition, and fair compensation with no disparities due to sex. This opportunity must be seized.