Supporting communities of practice – A Journey to effective problem-solving

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[Accessed 20 Mar 2021]


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Supporting communities of practice – A Journey to effective problem-solving [version 2; peer review: 2 approved with reservations, 1 not approved]
Christina Hanschke, James Baer, Alok Gangaramany, Janneke Verheijen, Nduku Kilonzo, Bryan Okiya, Leonard Kibe Ranji, Stephen Amolo Amolo, Simon Zwane, Rejoice Nkambule, Violet Buluma, Sylvia Ojoo, Susan Kim, Sharon Kibwana, Mark Dybul, Steve Kretschmer
Peer Reviewers Carlos Toledo; Julia Samuelson; Tracy Johnson
Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
In contexts of scarce resources, varied assets, and diverse communities, engaging local stakeholders in the problem-solving process is critical to develop interventions for HIV prevention and treatment. Communities of practice (CoPs) – groups of people organized around a key purpose and a delivery point – can develop expertise in identifying their local community’s key challenges and selecting viable solutions. We propose a framework, adapted from the CoP model developed by Etienne Wenger, for systematically understanding the stages a CoP may go through as it develops its capacity to identify and solve problems and implement good practices.