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The Importance of Intellectual Property in Healthcare Innovation during Covid-19
April 22, 2021

Podcast Episode
Vaccine Hesitancy, Distribution and the Next Phase with CSIS’s Steve Morrison
April 14, 2021 | By H. Andrew Schwartz, J. Stephen Morrison

The Time Is Now for U.S. Global Leadership on Covid-19 Vaccines
April 14, 2021 | By J. Stephen Morrison, Katherine E. Bliss, Anna McCaffrey

No Evidence That Patents Slow Access to Vaccines
April 14, 2021 | By Andrei Iancu

Trusting a COVID-19 Vaccine: What’s Next?
April 13, 2021


Kaiser Family Foundation
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April 16, 2021 News Release
Vaccine Monitor: What We’ve Learned
With nearly all states poised to allow anyone at least 16 years old to get a COVID-19 vaccine, this week’s announcement pausing the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to investigate a rare side effect is raising questions about whether and how it will affect the public’s eagerness to…

April 15, 2021 News Release
Vaccine Passports: What We Know and What to Consider
Around the country and in parts of the world, COVID-19 vaccination efforts continue to grow, leaving people wondering about vaccine requirements and ways to certify vaccine status. “Vaccine passports,” a paper or digital form certifying that a person has been vaccinated, have garnered increased interest in recent months, especially as…
World Economic Forum [to 17 Apr 2021]
Wide Variations in Post-COVID ‘Return to Normal’ Expectations, Survey Finds
News 12 Apr 2021
:: Majority hopeful that the pandemic will be contained within the next year, but expectations vary widely by country
:: China, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia believe it will take a year to return to normal, while Japan, France, Italy and South Korea believe it will take longer
:: 1 out of 2 adults say their emotional and mental health has gotten worse since the beginning of the pandemic, but nearly 1 in 4 said it improved since the start of 2021
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