Duke – Launch and Scale Speedometer

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Duke – Launch and Scale Speedometer

[accessed 19 June 2021]


17.9 billion doses reserved
Countries have purchased vaccine doses from a wide pool of candidates to cover their populations. So far, confirmed purchases cover 11.9 billion doses, with another 6 billion doses currently under negotiation or reserved as optional expansions of existing deals…

High-income countries hedged their bets while low-income countries were left out
In 2020, many high-income countries hedged their bets by purchasing enough doses to vaccinate their populations several times over, even before any candidates were approved and have continued to procure more doses of approved vaccines in 2021, in an effort to receive doses as quickly as possible. Because of global manufacturing constraints, the direct deals made by high-income (and some middle-income) countries mean that a smaller piece of the pie is available for low- and middle-income countries and for equity-focused partnerships like COVAX in 2021…