Advancing discussion of ethics in mixed methods health services research

BMC Health Services Research
(Accessed 19 Jun 2021)


Advancing discussion of ethics in mixed methods health services research
To describe the ethical issues and experiences of scientists conducting mixed methods health services research and to advance empirical and conceptual discussion on ethical integrity in mixed methods health research… Mixed methods health researchers reported encountering ethical issues often yet varying levels of difficulty and effectiveness in the strategies used to mitigate ethical issues. This study highlights some of the unique challenges faced by mixed methods researchers to plan for and appropriately respond to arising ethical issues such as managing participant burden and confidentiality across data sources and utilizing effective communication and dissemination strategies particularly when working with a multidisciplinary research team. As one of the first empirical studies to examine mixed methods research ethics, our findings highlight the need for greater attention to ethics in health services mixed methods research and training.
Authors: Nicole A. Stadnick, Cheryl N. Poth, Timothy C. Guetterman and Joseph J. Gallo
Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2021 21:577
Content type: Research
Published on: 15 June 2021