Coronavirus [COVID-19] – WHO Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

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Coronavirus [COVID-19] – WHO
Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)


Weekly Epidemiological and Operational updates
Last update: 18 Jun 2021
Confirmed cases :: 177 108 695 [week ago: 174 918 667]
Confirmed deaths :: 3 840 223 [week ago 3 782 490]
Vaccine doses administered: 2 378 482 776 [week ago: 2 156 550 767]



Weekly operational update on COVID-19 – 14 June 2021
In this edition of the COVID-19 Weekly Operational Update, highlights of country-level actions and WHO support to countries include:
:: Support for Bolivia to become part of the regional genomic surveillance network
:: A 69-year-old woman from Ghana shares her COVID-19 vaccination experience
:: Support to the Republic of Moldova to carry out an Emergency Care System Assessment
:: WHO tri-regional policy dialogue on the international mobility of health professionals
:: Global OpenWHO COVID-19 enrolments and survey results showing positive feedback for Partners Platform
:: Progress on a subset of indicators from the SPRP 2021 Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
:: Updates on WHO’s financing to support countries in SPRP 2021 implementation and provision of critical supplies.


Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 – 15 June 2021
In the past week, the number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths continued to decrease, with over 2.6 million new cases and 72 000 new deaths reported globally. While the number of cases reported globally now exceeds 175 million, over the past week, the lowest weekly case incidence since February 2021 was reported. Declines in the number of new weekly cases, compared to the previous week, were reported across all Regions except for the African Region. The number of new deaths reported in the past week decreased across all the regions except for the African and South-East Asia Regions.
In this edition, a special focus update on variants is provided, including a newly designated variant of interest (VOI), along with the geographical distribution of variants of concern (VOCs) Alpha (B.1.1.7), Beta (B.1.351), Gamma (P.1) and Delta (B.1.617.2). This edition also includes an update about strengthening public health intelligence through event-based surveillance, specifically learning from the COVID-19 pandemic.




Draft landscape and tracker of COVID-19 candidate vaccines
18 June 2021
The COVID-19 vaccine tracker and landscape compiles detailed information of each COVID-19 vaccine candidate in development by closely monitoring their progress through the pipeline.


Status of COVID-19 Vaccines within WHO EUL/PQ evaluation process 28 May 2021
For 19 vaccine candidates, presents Manufacturer, Name of Vaccine, NRA of Record, Platform, EOI Accepted Status, Pre-submission Meeting Held Status, Dossier Accepted for Review, Status of Assessment; Anticipated/Completed Decision Date
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Updated recommendations for use of Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen vaccines against COVID-19
15 June 2021
The interim recommendations  for use of Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2, Moderna mRNA–1273 and Janssen Ad26.COV2.S vaccines have been updated to reflect latest evidence.
Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 vaccine
Moderna mRNA–1273 vaccine
Janssen Ad26.COV2.S vaccine