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Center for Global Development [to 19 Jun 2021]
Vaccine Certificates: Pam Dixon and Camilla Ravnbøl on the CGD Podcast
June 15, 2021
Anit Mukherjee of CGD, Pam Dixon of World Privacy Forum, and Camilla Ravnbøl of the University of Copenhagen discuss how vaccine certificates work, what challenges they pose, and how to make sure no one gets left behind.
Anit Mukherjee

What’s the Right Price for Surplus COVID-19 Vaccines? The Answer Is Closer to Zero Than You Might Think.
June 14, 2021
Many rich countries pre-ordered vast quantities of COVID-19 vaccines when they were still in development, enough to vaccinate their countries many times over.  What is the right ‘price’ to pay for surplus vaccines, as opposed to those newly purchased? And how much of their value should be counted as Official Development Assistance (ODA)? The choice matters for two reasons: firstly, it sets a precedent for the valuation of secondhand goods as development aid, which in turn sets incentives for donors. And secondly, some donors operate an ODA ceiling
Ranil Dissanayake

A Call for Greater Clarity in COVID-19 Vaccine Deals
June 14, 2021
Julia Kaufman, Janeen Madan Keller and Javier Guzman
Chatham House [to 19 Jun 2021]
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Accessed 19 Jun 2021
Podcast Episode
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Building Resilience: Implementing Primary Care and Immunization Programs in the Covid-19 Context
June 28, 2021

Upcoming Event
CEPI 2.0: A Critical Inflection Point
June 23, 2021

Upcoming Event
The Reality of Rolling Out Covid-19 Vaccines
June 21, 2021

Podcast Episode
Krishna Udayakumar – Deep Inequities “Baked Into” Early Vaccine Deals
June 17, 2021 | By J. Stephen Morrison
Krishna Udayakumar explains how he systematically assembled data to make sense of the fast-moving global marketplace in vaccines, amid the pandemic, building on prior trust with private and public entities, and positioning the Duke Global Health Innovation Center as the go-to source. Starting in late 2020, that meant painting the picture of worsening inequities that reflected the overwhelming power advantages of wealthy states and powerhouse vaccine developers, rhetorical commitments to solidarity notwithstanding. We are now rapidly approaching a pivot point, as supply escalates later this year: estimated western production of 7 billion doses in 2021, 14 billion in 2022. The big worry looking ahead? Lack of delivery capacity and financing in low and lower-middle-income countries, which may, as a result, become “mired” in 20-40% coverage. The G7 summit was a “mixed bag, ” leaving us “nowhere near the end of the story.” The big question 12-18 months out: will it be a western consortium that vaccinates most of the low and lower-middle-income countries? Or will it be the world’s vaccine “workhorse,” China? Or some combination?, building … wealthy states and powerhouse vaccine developers, rhetorical commitments …

Kaiser Family Foundation
June 18, 2021 News Release
Survey and Event Examine Experiences and Concerns of Asian Immigrants During COVID-19 Pandemic and Amid Rising Incidents of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
A KFF survey of Asian patients at four community health centers serving a predominantly Asian, low-income population finds a third (33%) of them have felt more discrimination based on their race/ethnicity since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Respondents, 80% of whom were born outside the U.S., reported a range of negative…

June 14, 2021 News Release
New Analysis: In Pursuit of a National Vaccination Benchmark, Hispanic and Black People’s Rates Projected to Lag Behind
Much attention has focused on President Biden’s stated goal of vaccinating 70% of U.S. adults by July 4th. While achieving a high overall vaccination rate is important for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a new analysis of people ages 12 and older—a different population than President Biden’s goal, but one…