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Think Tanks et al
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Center for Global Development [to 10 Jul 2021]
Now and Later: The Urgent Need for Smart Finance and Clear Governance on Pandemic Threats
July 9, 2021
History will not record the world’s handling of COVID-19 as a high point of effective international cooperation. Nor is COVID-19 likely to be a rare event in the future. The frequency of infectious disease outbreaks has been growing and there is a significant risk that in the next fifteen years we will experience another pandemic at least as damaging as this one. How well will the world respond next time—especially if that virus has a 5 percent fatality rate rather than the ~1 percent of COVID-19?
Masood Ahmed and Amanda Glassman

World Bank Budget Support in the Time of COVID: Crisis Finance… with Strings Attached
July 8, 2021
World Bank budget support projects throughout the COVID-19 global health emergency contain significant policy conditionality. On average, each operation required the recipient government to implement 8 policy reforms to secure funding—a reasonable constraint in “normal” times but at odds with the twin imperatives of speed and flexibility in crisis times.

Pooled Procurement and Essential Medicines: What Can We Learn from the PAHO Strategic Fund Experience?
Ensuring access, affordability, and equity to essential medicines and other health products is critical to strong health systems. COVID-19 has shown how quickly failing to safeguard these principles reverses progress towards universal access to health and universal health coverage. Coordination and distribution of essential medicines and supplies are paramount, especially during health emergencies. However, a combination of rising costs, lack of financial support, limited product availability, and inadequate quality control has made managing and optimizing these required resources increasingly challenging.

Improving Resource Allocation Decisions to Better Prepare for Future Crises Beyond COVID-19
July 6, 2021
In 2020, the global economy was hit by an unprecedented exogenous shock—an event that occurs outside the economic system but which has a great impact on it—in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic forced many countries across the globe to implement economic restrictions and lockdowns to minimize its spread.
Nompumelelo Radebe
Chatham House [to 10 Jul 2021]
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Blog Post
Balancing Digital India and Vaccine Equity
July 7, 2021

Kaiser Family Foundation
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