Cross-cutting lessons from the Decision-Maker Led Implementation Research initiative

Health Research Policy and Systems
[Accessed 14 Aug 2021]


Cross-cutting lessons from the Decision-Maker Led Implementation Research initiative
Almost 20 million children under one year of age did not receive basic vaccines in 2019, and most of these children lived in low- and middle-income countries. Implementation research has been recognized as an emerging area that is critical to strengthen the implementation of interventions proven to be effective. As a component of strengthening implementation, WHO has called for greater embedding of research within decision-making processes. One strategy to facilitate the embedding of research is to engage decision-makers as Principal Investigators of the research. Since 2015, the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research within the WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund have supported decision-maker led research by partnering with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, in an initiative called “Decision-Maker Led Implementation Research”. This synthesis paper describes the cross-cutting lessons from the initiative to further understand and develop future use of the decision-maker led strategy.
Authors: Arielle Mancuso, Shahira Ahmed Malm, Alyssa Sharkey, A. S. M. Shahabuddin and Zubin Cyrus Shroff
Citation: Health Research Policy and Systems 2021 19(Suppl 2):83
Content type: Research
Published on: 11 August 2021