COVID-19: The urgent call for academic research in research ethics

Ethics, Medicine and Public Health
September 2021


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COVID-19: The urgent call for academic research in research ethics
C. Bommier, H.-C. Stœklé, C. Hervé
Article 100679
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Rebuilding the scientific ecosystem
Care has a price, research has a price: this engages ethical tensions with the Hippocratic oath and the archetype of scientific knowledge as a not marketable universal good. On the basis of this observation, the states have agreed worldwide to evaluate their scientists on a quantitative model: number of articles published, number of citations. As funding goes to the researchers with the highest number of articles and citations, this has favored the publication of a large number of articles at
The need to develop university research ethics to foster a climate of scientific integrity
The development of university research in medical ethics has, until now, permitted a thorough reflection on the medical relationship and clinical research in the light of the human sciences and through a multidisciplinary approach. It is time for this reflection to be extended to the field of research integrity: indeed, ethical reflection in research can no longer be satisfied with the opinion of committees, since institutional research misconduct reports are always suspect of impartiality [5].